Your guide to that smashing serve

Improve Your Tennis Game

Let’s talk about tennis! Being a beautiful game, tennis encourages you to keep moving, have fun, and take advantage of nature. It is still a far cry from being a natural sport. Tennis is a tremendously competitive and challenging sport to master, especially for beginners. You might believe hiring a qualified coach or instructor is the only way to learn the game genuinely. While this is undoubtedly useful, it is also costly. You may now watch videos to learn topics like how to serve in tennis or have a better swing thanks to the internet or you may look up to the experts like Jonathan Zhang in the field and start to learn. 

Every time you enter the court, stand up and begin to move your feet and arms more effectively, advises Jonathan Zhang. He qualified for the semifinals of the Nanjing G1 doubles in 2017 after competing for Hong Kong in important junior competitions such as the Asian Championships, World Junior Championships, and Junior Davis Cup. Since they would be required in various situations and when facing other players, he thinks that developing many different techniques is essential, and you know what will get you a better start? A smashing serve. 

Listed below are some pointers for crushing that best serve, 

Your stance matters 

Many people think that mastering the art of serving in tennis is just about manipulating the ball and your arm. While these factors are crucial, many other, less significant factors are equally vital and work in concert to help you improve your service. Your stance is one of these “little things.” It will be challenging to serve the ball accurately if you are not standing appropriately. To get it done correctly, you should set your feet up such that your front foot faces the right net post. Of course, if you are a left-handed player, you should take the opposite position. The toes of your back foot should always be in line with the heel of your right foot when it comes to stance. This will improve your stability while serving and result in a more forceful, fluid serve. While stance may appear straightforward, if you can master it, serving will become much more straightforward.

Practice will make you perfect. 

Another thing you should bear in mind as you strive to master your service is the importance of repetition and extensive practice. Jonathan advises filling a basket with 100 balls daily (or more if you manage it). You should carry your basket to the tennis court once it is complete and start serving there until it is empty. While it may look like plenty of work, it is necessary if you want to improve your service, so don’t be afraid to put in the effort.

Master your toss

As already mentioned, many minor details affect your service’s strength. Your toss is another “small thing.” That first toss forms the foundation of the entire serve; thus, it must be flawless. Take some balls out to the court to practice your tossing technique. Then throw the ball while standing in the serving stance. You want the ball to come down directly in front of your body. It takes some practice to learn this because it is more laborious than it appears. However, once you regularly get the ball to land where you want, this is a vital sign that you have mastered the toss and are prepared to go to more complex situations.

As an expert in tennis, Jonathan believes that if you want to excel in serving, your upper arms, legs, and wrists must all be strong, capable, and healthy. Practice is one approach to developing these muscles. The more you practice serving; the naturally stronger they will become but it also doesn’t hurt to put in a little additional effort in these areas at the gym. All you have to do is resolve to put up the action! 


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