Why is gel blasting better than airsoft or paintball? 


If you love gaming and adventure, you should consider going gel blasting. Many folks may want to opt for paintball or airsoft, and however, gel blasting is considered one of the best options. 

What is gel blasting? 

Gel blasting is a relatively newer technology in the market. Over the past few years, gel blasting has been getting a lot of attention. It may appear to be the same as paintball or airsoft, but it is not. 

Gel blasting, in many cases, is also referred to as gel balling. In this process, two teams are made to face each other, and the members of one team contribute towards removing the members of other groups with the help of gel balls. 

One of the main reasons people are giving up on airsoft and paintball is because it hurts. Unlike other types of gaming, gel blasting is extremely effective and does not hurt. These are water-based gel balls that can easily disintegrate. As a result, the players will feel little to no pain while using this. 

Why do people prefer gel blasting? 

Ever since gel blasting was launched in the market, people have preferred it over paintball. Some of the common benefits of opting for gel blasting include the following:

Gel blasting is eco-friendly

Gel blasting often uses 7 to 8 mm balls as ammunition. When hit by these, they cause no pain. Moreover, the gel blasting balls are made up of sodium polyacrylate, an absorbent polymer. 

Gel blasting balls are made using non-toxic, safe and biodegradable compounds. Some common ornaments made using the gel ball material include orbeez, water beads and crystal soil. 

The gel blasting balls are made using biodegradable material in limited amounts and water. As a result, the player will have the flexibility to fire these balls indoors without worrying about creating a mess. 

Most of these gel blasting balls are made using unsoaked pellets. However, if you soak them, these can exponentially expand. Airsoft and paintball ammunition can be very hurtful, which is not the case with gel blasting balls. 

Many people have also complained about falling sick due to the unwanted consumption of paintballs. 

Gel blasting is cheap

Compared to paintball and airsoft, gel blasting is very cheap. Setting up a gel blasting is pretty cheap, and all you need is personal safety equipment and a gel blaster SMG

The setup of gel blasting will ultimately depend on priority, budget and personal preference. Airsoft guns may have the same budget, but paintballs are pretty expensive. 

The ammunition cost will significantly vary. You should consider getting affordable gel balls. 

Gel Blasting is safe

Comparatively, gel blasting is pretty safe. Paintballs weigh around 3 grams per capsule. Therefore, if a paintball hits you, it can hurt very bad. On the other hand, gel blasting balls are light, and therefore, if it hits you, it will not hurt you. 

You can never get strongly impacted by gel blasters. However, it is advisable to avoid gel blasting balls from hitting you directly, and it would help if you got eye protection for enhanced impact. Therefore, considering all the benefits, you can go gel blasting with your loved ones. 

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