Whitetail Deer Hunting Suggestions From Professionals 


Whereas most individuals think of taking up a gun and becoming a hunter, they imagine deer hunting. There’s an explanation why you don’t see deer prizes all over the place. They’re difficult to come by. Whitetail deer are by far the most difficult species to hunt, which makes the rewards of a successful mission that much greater. 

We’ve put together this post with some of the greatest white tail deer hunting advice for newbies for those who aren’t sure where to start. You’ll be ready to go on to more advanced topics and methods using the knowledge you’ve gained here because you’ll already have a firm foundation.

Be Quiet

These creatures have exceptional senses and should not be overlooked. They have the sense of hearing at ultra-high vibrations that we don’t have. A deer could pick up noises from a couple of blocks away if you’re squirming around in your tree stand or if your equipment comes into contact while in travel.

Make the least amount of noise possible. This can be accomplished by parking a long distance away from your stand and walking gently. 

Alter your step cadence to avoid sounding too human. Remain stationary for a few minutes if you make a loud sound while mountaineering. Any deer that has heard you and is now on high alert will have time to settle down.

Practice Scent Control

A deer’s nose is extremely good at sensing danger and distinguishing anything that isn’t supposed to be in his territory. It might spell the gap between obtaining those crucial seconds for a precise shot and merely seeing a whitetail fluttering at you as your prey flees. 

Before approaching the deer woods, you should follow a tight smell management program and take precautions to minimize your human scent. Here are several scent management strategies that every hunter should employ. 

  • Before you go hunting, take a shower using odorless shampoo and soap. 
  • Choose an unscented deodorant. 
  • Use an odorless detergent to clean all of your hunting clothing. 
  • Throughout the deer hunting season, shun spicy meals.

Make sure you’re standing in the appropriate spot.

So, where do you stand? There are a few good solutions available to you. Ridges are useful as they provide a nice view while preventing your smell from getting the deer in your immediate vicinity. Another nice spot is the field’s edge. 

Deer approach fields through the corners to feed, so set up your stand in a tree a little off the corner and wait for them to enter. Finally, try positioning your stand at a crossroads of numerous bed-to-feed paths. This will increase your chances of seeing a deer using one of the trails.

Final Thoughts

Outdoors, you can pick up some of the greatest deer hunting advice for novices. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into before venturing out into the open is crucial. Invariably ensure you’re following your state’s hunting restrictions and procedures, and always remember to keep your guard up.

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