Vital Aspects to Look for When Buying Stand-up Paddle Boards


With numerous brands and shapes made available in the market, it could be relatively difficult to know which would be the best stand-up paddleboard to meet your needs. Let us help you decide on your abilities and preferences.

Surfing paddleboards have been usually shorter, narrower, lighter, and have a narrower nose and tail. They have been made for riding waves. They have been designed for making quick turns and are used majorly in the surf zone. Apart from buying the one, you could also consider looking for Stand-up paddle rentals or surfing rentals los angeles.

How are they different from wave boards?

Recreational and multipurpose stand-up paddle boards have been built for recreational use. It would also be suitable for newbies. The boards have been usually longer, wider, pointed noses, and have greater volume. The volume and size of recreational and multipurpose stand-up paddleboards enable them to cater to you with more stability than wave boards.

Recreational and multipurpose boards have been perfect if you were contemplating flat-water paddling on lakes or cruising outside the surf zone. Rest assured that touring boards would be a great choice if you were a beginner. In case, it was your first time looking for a stand-up paddle board and you consider staying on flat water most of the time, rest assured this board would be your best bet.

Reasons for choosing a stand-up paddleboard

Yet another important aspect of choosing a stand-up paddleboard would the width of the board. It would help you determine stability. Stand-up paddleboards have been 36-inches wide to help accommodate all kinds of body types. Wider stand-up paddleboards would be your best bet for people with poor flexibility and relatively large bodies or having suffered a recent hip or leg injury. The additional thickness and width of the paddleboard would assist displace the weight in the water.

You would also be required to consider the length of the stand-up paddle board. A beginner would look forward to using a 10′ to 12’board.

Research thoroughly before buying a board

It would be vital that you research thoroughly before choosing the best stand-up paddleboard. Rest assured, to begin with, consider a local stand-up paddle board shop. Look for a shop that caters to you with an option to rent a stand-up paddle board to try before you invest your hard-earned money in it.

The shop should have expert staff to assist you in sizing up for a board. Consider going over all vital points, inclusive of the price and the materials to make an informed decision.

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