Understanding the importance of Brick Sessions when training for an Ironman 70.3 Triathlon

Understanding the importance of Brick Sessions when training for an Ironman 70.3 Triathlon

Doing an Ironman 70.3 triathlon takes a lot of discipline and commitment. As well as taking advantage of things like professional training plans and online triathlon coaching you need to carefully prepare yourself for each of the three disciplines. Brick sessions are a great way to prepare yourself for the transitioning times between swimming, biking and running. Here is a closer look.  

Understanding what a Brick session is

In ironman coaching a brick session is made up of two or three disciplines completed back to back in one exercise session. For example, a bike-run brick session would be doing a bike session then transitioning to the run and doing a run. They are not necessarily done at the same length as the Ironman and they might not be done at the same intensity or pace. It is about experiencing the same kind of conditions of the race where you have more than one sport and you need to get your body used to completing different disciplines in one length of time.

What is it that makes these brick sessions so valuable?

There are a number of benefits to brick sessions and why good online triathlon coaching should include them. First of all, it is a way to practice the transition as you finish the swim, get out of the water, get your gear on and get on the bike and then cycle, and then the same moving from the bike to the run. Doing back-to-back sessions also gives you a much clearer idea of how your body responds to the different disciplines and performing them together.

It is best you get used to the race situation in your training rather than only experience the reality on the day of the actual Ironman race. You can adjust your pacing according to what you learn and make sure you are not too burnt out coming out of one part of the race and going into the next. You can also strengthen the muscles you need and ensure they are prepared for the endurance and fatigue they will experience doing each activity for long periods of time. They are also great for preparing a person mentally which is essential for this kind of triathlon.

Which brick sessions offer the most value?          

Your ironman coaching will determine which brick sessions are best for your needs, it is a personal thing. It depends on how strong you are, where your weaknesses are, how good your training is and more. Some coaches might set more bike to run sessions, like an hour bike and then transition and then a 10 minute run. It gets you ready for how heavy your legs feel getting off the bike and getting into the run. But some bike-run brick sessions are also good. A 2 hour bike ride then an hour of running.


With brick sessions as part of your Ironman training you can feel more confident about the race and your performance, and are less likely to injure yourself.                                                        

Jane Tudor

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