Tips for Beginner Cyclists

tips for beginner cyclists

Cycling is one of the favorite sports for many people around the world and is in gaining popularity among people. The enthusiasm and the fun element along with a workout have made cycling one of the sought-after sports.

If you are looking to begin your riding journey and are left with no clue how and where to start it, here is everything you need to know about it. We have listed all the essentials for a beginner to excel in cycling.

Tips For Beginner Cyclists

1.  Invest in a good beginner cycle

If you have decided to begin your riding journey, the foremost step you need to consider is to invest in a reliable beginner’s bike. This will help you to learn the knacks of cycling and will help to increase your performance. The frames, gears, and other components of a beginner cycle will assist you in learning everything about the sport swiftly.

2.  Buy essential safety gear

Cyclist wearing his sports helmet

Another proximate factor that needs to be considered is to buy all the essential safety gear before beginning your journey. Helmets, biking glasses, bike locks, guards, lubes, mirrors, and riding clothes need to be purchased before you start riding. Also, develop a habit of taking a bag that can hold your phones and wallet. This will be helpful if you are stuck in the middle of a ride.

3.  Start slowly

It is highly recommended that you begin your journey slowly. Do not rush into things as it will drain your energy which may demotivate you. It may also cause harm to your body. Set short goals and try finishing them without straining much. It is always better to rise your pace slowly as your body will get adapted to the routine.

4.  Learn the rules

Rules are the most important elements before you start riding. Make it a point to understand the rules clearly and make a note of all the important rules before you step out of your house. Many online platforms guide you with road safety rules. Offline courses are also being organized by many schools to create awareness of road safety rules.

5.  Set goals

Setting goals are a proximate thing for beginners. Goals are considered to be important because they help you in tuning your mind and body to the sport. It is advisable to set short goals in the initial stages of your riding journey. Long-distance rides at the initial stages may exhaust you and make your mind and body tired.

6.  Check your tires before every ride

Tire pressure needs to be checked before every single ride. Flat tires are one of the frequent issues which may break your riding journey. It is always advisable to check your tire pressure and tire condition before you hit the roads with your bicycles.

7.  Use gears effectively

Gears are also one of the essential components that need to be understood by a beginner. It helps you to push your bikes without draining much of your energy. Cycling will be made easy if you learn to handle the gears.

8.  Check for your posture

Postures decide the extent of your riding journey. A wrong posture may cause harm to your back and spine which will result in long-term aches. So make sure to understand the right posture before you pedal your bike to the roads. The right posture will help you reap the benefits of cycling.

9.  Stay hydrated

Man with a bike. Sportsman in a forest. Morning bike ride.

Hydration before, during, and after your ride will help you to maintain your physical health. Make it a habit to carry fluids and liquids for every single ride. If you forget to carry your bottles for your ride, make sure to stop and get a drink at some cafes on your route.

10. Stay alert

It is important to stay alert at all times during your ride. This will avoid any mishappenings as there are hundreds of vehicles on the road. If you feel any sense of discomfort, it is always advisable to park your bike and seek help. You can also rest for a while and resume your ride if you feel nauseous.

11.  Plan a route in advance

Make a note of all possible routes and choose the one route that is suitable for you. Also, ensure that route is safe and suitable for riding. Make a note of all the things that need to be considered while choosing your routes such as traffic, signals, and eateries.

12. Plan a ride with your friends

A ride with your friends will help you fall in love with the sport quickly. Also, as a beginner, you can easily learn the sport when you are in your comfort zone. This will also push you to do more and accomplish distances.

13. Join a cycling club

Cycling clubs can be considered as people in the club that will teach you how to begin your journey. You can learn and unlearn the tricks and techniques. Also, you will get to develop a routine as cycling clubs plans ride at regular intervals. Enroll yourself in a club and get the fullest of it. They will also guide you to where to buy a bike as they will possess a deep knowledge of things about riding.

14. Maintain your bicycle

A shot of a working mechanic repairing a bicycle

Maintaining your bicycle is the most important thing for a beginner. If you develop the habit of maintaining your bike from the initial stages, this will become a natural part of your routine. So, ensure to maintain a clean bike and do all the essentials such as lubrication, cleaning your chains, adjusting brakes, and maintaining the tire pressures.


Now that you have a thorough understanding of every factor that needs to be considered as a beginner hit the roads and ride yourself to be a pro rider. Our expert team has provided you with all the essential information. If you have any questions or queries regarding the same, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is working round the clock to serve you with nothing but the best.


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