The Best Way to Organize Your Sports Cards 


Do you have an old collection of sports cards that may contain a valuable card but you don’t know which? Have you thought about throwing the collection out but couldn’t because what if it contained that special, expensive card. 

Cardboard Gems is a new, free website with a AI tools that allows users to quickly identify all types of sports cards, including basketball, football and baseball. It uses an all new AI based matching algorithm to quickly match your card up with a database of over 11 million different sports cards. All you have to do is upload a picture and confirm the match. In addition, you can upload a picture of multiple cards at once! It automatically crops each card so the best possible image is used when storing your picture and card in the digital database.

The card matching engine was built by sports card collectors so they could easily manage their collections, price out cards and sell them on online auction sites. It streamlines the collection management process and creates a digital database of every card in your collection with matching images. It makes your collection easy to sort and organize and provides links for every card to see how much it most recently sold for.

The process is simple: use your current phone or a scanner to take a picture of one or more cards. Upload the cards to the site for the appropriate sport and then wait a few seconds for a match to be returned and confirm that your card matched the image returned! You no longer have to crawl sports card sites and search for potential matches to your card as the machine learning engine does all the heavy lifting. 

The website also links up to your eBay account which allows seamless and effortless posting of cards. Instead of taking a picture of a card, uploading it to eBay, creating a title and trying to find out what to sell it for and filling in shipping information, the website fills in all of this information automatically, allowing you to post a card in seconds using an actual image of your cards. You can now sell cards on eBay 100x faster than before.

Finally, the website allows you to tag, sort, and organize your collection digitally. Create notes which links the digital record of your card to its actual physical location in your collection. It is a fully developed digital collection organization system. All you have to do is start by taking a single picture.

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