The benefits of the sports filter on your car – Racext ™ Air Filter Review


A small change we can make to our diesel car is definitely to replace our old filter with a sports filter. Whether you are passionate about engines or simply want to change something, the sports filter can bring many advantages. Here we see what advantages a sports filter can bring to an engine by reviewing one of the most famous for value for money, the Racext ™ carbon sports filter ️

Economic ? Does the carbon sports air filter really save money?

First of all we must undoubtedly consider the economic aspect. It must be said that a sports filter, on balance, turns out to be cheaper than a normal filter. This is because, in addition to lasting more kilometers, at the end of its “first” life it is possible to wash it with care and make it as good as new. This operation is very simple to do, so a sports filter is paradoxically infinite.

Performance With the Racext ™ sport air filter ️ – Will my car’s power increase with a sports air filter?

The installation of a sports filter, perhaps combined with a more or less fast engine mapping (for this reason it is advisable to consult a mechanical expert), can lead to a significant improvement in the performance of the machine. In fact, the sports filter brings a greater thrust to the truly remarkable engine. If a homologated sports exhaust is added to the filter and mapping, then the expense is more than justified.

Great sound With the Racext ™ sport air filter ️ – will the sports air filter improve the sound of my car?

This advantage cannot be overlooked: the beauty of the machine noise. The sports filter adds a pleasant noise when changing. In fact the filter, yes when the gear is up, but especially when braking, adds a really delicious noise that will make your car a real racing car.

Regular consumption With the Racext ™ sport air filter ️

The sports filter also brings a significant advantage in terms of fuel economy. In fact, if cleaned constantly, the sports filter leads to regular fuel consumption and this leads to a reduction in consumption on a general level. All this because thanks to its cleaning, it is possible to keep the filter always efficient.

Wind resistance With the Racext ™ sport air filter ️

Still in terms of performance, for example the metal mesh sports filter (there are different types of sports filters) increases the air resistance, while the cotton ones are more permeable. These two different filters have the advantage of bringing a higher point speed or greater adherence to the asphalt. These advantages are perhaps small drops in the sea, but they certainly do their job very well.

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The air filter is a component of the intake system of our car and is used to filter and therefore clean the air that is sucked in, channeled and carried to the combustion chamber from the outside.

Why do you need to filter the air directed to the engine?

The air, as we have said, is sucked in by depression, channeled by pipes and air-boxes, filtered by our filter and finally directed towards the combustion chamber. If we didn’t put a filter in the middle, we would risk sending foreign parts normally contained in the air (foliage, dust, various debris and why not, even water droplets) into the engine.

This would lead in the long run:

In the best of hypotheses to an early and unnatural consumption of the engine due to these foreign bodies which over time would consume some of its parts such as pistons, rings, spark plugs etc …
To a contamination of the throttle valve, the valve seats and / or the mass flow meter / maf with related problems of stability of the engine revolutions, gaps in acceleration, loss of power, etc.
A probable clogging of the injectors etc …
To a possible, albeit difficult, engine seizure due for example to rather large debris or the accumulation of debris in the combustion chamber.
What has been said so far concerns the quality of the air, but in addition to this we must also take into account another important aspect: quantity.

Without a filter we would have a greater air flow directed to our engine with consequent leaning of the carburetion, that is, too much air compared to the injected fuel. This would lead our specially calibrated ECU to require more fuel to compensate, as the proportions of these two elements are closely linked to each other (stoichiometric ratio). Consequently we would go to consume a little more fuel.

This scenario is obviously led to excess, no one (or at least I think) runs without an engine air filter. The aforementioned problems could arise in part, however, also to those who have the air filter too old and / or worn out, or those who instead mount sports filters without the adequate precautions / maintenance that these provide and that we will see later.

What is the air filter made of?

The composition of the filter varies according to the type of filter (we will see the various types of filter later) but in principle it consists of 2 parts:

A solid part, usually a sheath or in any case a structure (which supports the filtering part).
A filtering part consisting of filtering material such as sponges, sheets, fabrics.
What shape does the air filter have?

The shape naturally depends on the car we own. Each manufacturer studies their own shapes to be used on their models. There are round, circle, panel, cone, cylinder and so on.
Of course, before buying the air filter, assuming you change it yourself, make sure it is not only for your brand and model but also for your version. In fact, even the same model can have different shapes based on the engine. In my case, for example, the 16-valve has a panel filter while the 8-valve has a circle filter since the air-box is different.

How many types of air filters are there?
Remaining in the field of road cars, we have broadly 2 types of filters:

  • Paper filter (very common filter mounted by the manufacturer).
  • Filter made of cotton or similar fabrics (this type is usually sporty).

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