Six Reasons To Love Baseball


Baseball is one of the most famous sports. This modality, over the years, has gained a legion of fans worldwide and is one of the most popular sports in Japan, Cuba, the USA, and South Korea. Now that you have a brief idea check out six reasons that we have separated for you to start liking baseball, the most beloved sport in America, for example:

  1. The Crowd

They are entirely crazy about this sport. Rarely have we seen so many people so passionate about a modality. Any victory deserves a good celebration, usually in bars or clubs close to the stadium. Everything happens in peace, attracting many families and children to cheer.

It is worth remembering that the stadium is practically complete in every game. The Red Sox, for example, sold out their stadium for 10 years straight. There were 820 games with 37,495 seats occupied. Just kidding? Kudos to these fans.

  1. Show Apart

During the short breaks, many things happen. Fights, security guards dancing, car raffles, cash prizes, interviews, and lots of music to cheer up the local crowd. All combined, of course. But it is a show apart.

  1. Walk-off

A regular baseball game has nine innings and will only go past the ninth inning if it’s tied. There is no time limit, and the game only ends after one of the teams takes advantage of a complete inning.

So, imagine a packed stadium, your team playing at home, and the euphoric crowd’s support with a long and exciting game. The walk-off happens when the home team hits a home run and sends the ball to the crowd. He is called that because he sends away the visiting team from other people’s houses.

  1. Os Times

The truth is, any team can win. There is no favourite in one night. That’s why the attack and defence strategies must be very well thought out by the coach and executed perfectly by his players. In 162 games in the MLB season, the average number of games won by the worst teams is 60. While the best hardly exceeds 100 games won. It’s a very balanced sport.

  1. Mistakes Are Fatal

In every high-level sport, making mistakes complicates the situation of the team a lot. There are so many games in the season that bizarre moves can compromise a game. Mistakes in this sport also seem to be much sillier than in other modalities.

  1. The Players

Several games and so many plays could only result in great moments. Players can get burned on a ball or write their name on the season. Josh Donaldson, for example, was MLB’s AL MVP last season for all his unbelievable catches, home runs, and importance to the Toronto Blue Jays season.

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