Questions You Must Ask Before Booking Your Crazy Golf Package


Crazy golf is getting popular day by day in the UK. When it comes to mini golf or crazy golf Glasgow offers many options. You will be able to find the best crazy golf courses in Glasgow. These golf country club rochester ny feature a number of packages that include golf fee, drinks and food. Booking one of the packages would get you the best value for your money. However, it is important to ask the right questions before you book one of these packages.

Even if you frequently visit the mini golf courses, whenever you are trying a new mini golf club or whenever you are booking your package in a club that you have already visited after a long time it is important to ask the following questions. Each mini golf club sets their own packages, rules, terms and conditions. They also change these packages, terms and conditions from time to time. Therefore, it is best to ask the following questions before making a booking. 

How do I book or how do I confirm the booking? Will it be done online or should I call the club to make a booking? Do I have to pay the full amount at the time of booking or can I make a booking by paying a deposit in advance? Check with your respective mini golf club before booking so that you do not run into issues in making a booking or having your slot confirmed. 

Is there any age limit or could people under 18 join the group when we make a booking? Most of these mini golf clubs follow strict rules on the age limit. It is important to make sure that you are aware of these rules to avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation after visiting the golf club. 

What are the cancellation rules in your mini golf club? Here again, each golf club will have their own rules and you need to make sure that you know these rules to avoid losing money unnecessarily. Rescheduling may be possible but you must check with your mini golf club on their rescheduling and cancellation policies. Do not go by presumptions or by your prior experience in another mini golf club. If you are dealing with the most professional club for mini golf Glasgow has to offer, then they would have clear answers to all these scenarios. You just need to access the information that is already available in their website.

Does your mini golf club allow guests without prior booking? Or can more people than the booked number join us? Most of the popular mini golf clubs are fully booked and they may not have a slot when you show up unannounced. To avoid the disappointment in the last minute, you may have to book your slots well in advance. 

How do we book for large groups? Online booking may be limited for smaller groups. If you have a large group then you may have to contact the mini golf club for the booking. 

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