Many Types Of Auto Racing


The human race has created one of the most thrilling forms of sports competition, racing. There are many types of automobile racing that appeal to different groups of fans. Racemax Direct provides you with all the necessary parts for your racing cars.

  1. Formula Racing

Formula racing is the most well-known professional form of car racing. This type of single-seater open-wheel circuit racing is where the wheels are placed outside the vehicle’s body. Formula racing is conducted on separate circuit tracks that are designed and built for cars.

  1. Racing Sports Cars

Two-seaters with enclosed wheels are sports cars. There are two types of sports cars: the grand tourers, which are production-derived models, as well as the prototype, which is purpose-built to compete on closed circuits.

The FIA World Endurance Championship is the most prestigious championship series in sports car racing. It also has FIA GT1 World Championship which is its main series for GT car racing. The Grand-Am in the United States is popular with its Rolex Sports Car Series endurance racing.

  1. Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is a popular sport. It uses race cars with customized specifications. This is typically done on oval tracks where racers are challenged over a great number of laps.

  1. Drag Racing

It involves a straight-line race on streets or tracks. Dragsters can be any car, but they are not limited to those built for drag racing. Their goal is to go as fast as possible and beat their opponents. Drag racing takes place on a short track of 200 or 400 meters.

  1. Rallying

Rallying involves production-based cars and is done on closed roads. Rallying is conducted on gravel, asphalt, snow, or ice. The racers usually run point-to-point, and leave at regular intervals starting from their start points.

  1. Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing, as the name implies, is done in off-road environments like sand, mud, and riverbeds. This type of racing is open to all classes of vehicles, including production cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It is often recreational.

  1. Touring Car Racing

Touring car racing uses production-derived racecars from different companies that have similar performance specifications. It is held only at special tracks and is very popular in Australia, Europe, and the UK.

The World Touring Car Championship and British Touring Car Championship are the most important touring car racing events in the world.

  1. Production Car Racing

This form of racing is also called showroom stock racing, where unmodified cars compete against each other. Because of its strict rules, it is the most cost-effective type of racing.

There are several production car racing series around the globe, including those of Audi and Porsche as well as Japan’s Super Taikyu, and the former International Motor Sports Association’s Firehawk Series.

  1. One-Make Racing

Single-make racing or one-marque racing is the same car from one automobile company or even a single manufacturer’s model.

  1. Monster Truck Racing

Monster truck racing is usually held as entertainment. It is often conducted in an arena with tracks.

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