How Long do Electric Bikes Last?


Investing in a good electric bike can make a big difference to your everyday life. It is not only a good complement to a car or public transport, but it is also environmentally friendly and favorable for the wallet. A quality electric bike can be with you for at least a decade or longer. While no parts on the electric bike are immortal, electric bikes do require some maintenance and you may need to replace one or two parts, but it’s a worthwhile investment for the pleasure it brings.

There isn’t much difference between electric- and regular bicycles, and you still need to sometimes pedal with riding an electric bike. An electric bike does not really have complicated technology. Unlike a regular bike, an electric bike has a battery and a motor, which makes it easier and smoother for you to ride a bike. A regular bike can last you well – an entire lifetime – if you look after it, but what about an electric bike? How long do electric bikes last and what do you have to do to look after an electric bike?​

The electronic bike has parts that will need to be replaced

An electric bike is certainly easier to ride, and the motor helps you pedal easier on uphill sections of the road. Sometimes you don’t pedal at all but let the power of the motor take you swiftly up and away. 

You put in less effort with an electric bike so does that mean it will last longer? No, an electric bike isn’t going to last as long as a regular bike. The reason for this is that the motor will have several parts that will have to be replaced timeously after you have been using your bike day after day. The battery too will need replacing.

Ten years or a little more for your electric bike

An electric bike is going to require more upkeep and maintenance than your regular bike. When you check out people who have owned best electric bikes, you find that they say the bikes generally last about 10 to 15 years. 

There will be times when you need to replace one or two parts but after 15 years you may find you spending more on repairs than your bike is worth. Ten years is just a number that can be more or less, depending on how you use your bike.

The motor

The electric motor of your electronic bike will last roughly for about 10 000 miles or even more. It is quite likely that you will be replacing your battery and chain before the motor. Whether you have a mid-drive motor, direct-drive hub, or geared hub motor, there are ways you can extend the life of your motor.  


Rear hub motors are sealed and protected from the elements and from corrosion. Should the motor fail, you can get it repaired at your local bike shop or you can replace certain parts. 

The Battery 

How long will the battery last?   The battery is the most common component one thinks about when you think of how long your electronic bike will last. The parts on electric bikes wear out according to how you use your bike. 

E-bike riders can sometimes worry about how long their bike battery will last. They need to know that a regular battery can go up to between 800 and 1000 charge cycles. A battery can last between 3 – 5 years with good care.  The weight of the rider and the amount of pedaling will make a difference in range and the time the battery lasts. Other factors that affect the lifetime of a battery include environmental conditions and the temperature during charging. 

Another factor is the charging rate and how quickly or slowly your battery is charged, Something else that will affect the lifetime of a battery is the depth of discharge and what voltage the battery is discharged to. 

A lithium-ion battery will last roughly 2 – 4 years if you care for it properly. Bear in mind that what will cause your battery to have a shorter lifespan is when you leave it charged at raised temperatures. electronic bikers say you should always buy an electric bike with a 5-year battery warranty. 

They also suggest that when you do buy a battery for your electric bike that it be a battery from well-known brands such as Sony or Panasonic. 

The tires

Normal wear and tear on good tires will see you getting anything between 1000 and 3000 miles with them. 

The chain

What about the chain? An average electric bike chain is designed to last between 2- and 3 000 miles. As always, there is that word ‘depends’. It depends on the kind of motor your bike has and the kind of riding you’ll be doing. 

There are some people who can hit 4000 miles before needing to change the chain. The chain goes hand in hand with the gears. These can last as long as the bike itself but gears near the front cog tend to endure more wear and tear. Most gears last 3 or 4 years and are generally considered easy to replace. 

A decade or longer of riding pleasure

That’s the thing with electric bikes, when you buy one, you can’t be content that the price you paid at the checkout counter for your bike is the final price. There are ongoing costs and maintenance to consider, especially when you use your electronic bike every day to commute to college classes or to work. 

Proper care of your electric bike requires a bit of effort on your part. A well-cared-for electronic bike can last 10 years or longer. When you aren’t using your electronic bike, store it in a dry, cool, covered spot to avoid rust. 

Dust and dirt can certainly affect a bike’s motor and wiping it down after a long, muddy ride can be a good idea. Avoid high-pressure washing with your electric bike. 

A quality electric bike can last a considerable time and with the right care, you can be looking at a decade of riding pleasure and possibly longer.

About the author:

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