Get The Chance To Goal In Youth Football Leages


Are you interested in football? Or do you know some youngsters crazily in love with the game? Here’s a chance to play in the youth football leages. Youth football leages is a championship organized by the football association for the players to have competitive balance.

It helps the player to know their worth. Through balanced training and competitions, the youngsters learn the importance of working hard, fair play and gain lessons which helps them to reach their highest potential.

More about playing youth football

Between two teams of 11 players, a football game is played. Any number of the players may be substituted by the team. Generally played by men but woman too have the eligibility to play. It is played on a rectangular field with marked surfaces. Every player has uniform represented with numbers. The team is divided into offensive unit, defensive unit and special teams unit. For more information about football leagues.


There is an ambition for youth football league,

  • To emphasis on learning the sports with high moral values and enjoying it while playing
  • To make players competition ready
  • To generate confidence and self-worth in them
  • To make them ready to face challenges of any kind with true sportsmanship
  • To make youth football more promising and interesting
  • To encourage children of all ages more into football through leagues, tournaments and festivals

Rules and regulation

The winning team has to score more points to win. When the ball is place kicked or drop kicked through the uprights and over the crossbars of the goalpost of the defense, three points are scored. Extra point attempts are common more the two-point conversation. When a ball carrier tackled in his own end zone, a safety worth 2 points is scored. For more rules about youth football league.


The game is played on grassy rectangular field and is quite hard. So player needs to be well equipped to protect themselves during the game. Most important equipment that are needed are Helmet, Shoulder pads pants, High pads, Tail bone pads ,Thigh guards, Knee pads, Jerseys, Mouth guard, Shoes.


Different officials are managing the youth football leages. They carry whistles and different things like flag, hat and cards. In case of different foals, they function differently. They are divided in

  • Referee- controls the score and announces all penalties.
  • Umpire- watches the play and make sure the number of players in the field and that the players are not illegally downfield on the pass plays
  • Back judge-  make sure the number of players on the field and whether the catches are legal or not
  • Head lineman- they watches any line of scrimmage and illegal use of hand violations.
  • Side judge- same as filed judge
  • Line judge- supervises players substitutions
  • Field judge-monitors and control the play clock
  • Center judge- spotting the football after each play

Few more words

This youth football leages help children to understand and learn more about particular sports. They gain experiences and get life lessons. Parents need to be supportive as this type of sports shape the life of the children. They improve physically mentally and emotionally as love and passion increases for the sport. 

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