Essential Soccer Equipment That Every Player Must Have


Soccer is a popular game that is played worldwide but there are some items you’ll need to enjoy this game at its full. From proper soccer shoes to colorful jerseys, this sport is loaded with accessories and equipment. Whether you’re starting out on your soccer journey or an experienced player looking for ways to upgrade your current equipment, below is a comprehensive soccer equipment list of everything you need to play the sport successfully:

Soccer cleats

If you’re planning to play as a professional and about to join a team, the first thing that you’ll need is a pair of soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are shoes that are specially designed to play soccer. They have studs present at the bottom so that the player doesn’t slip and keeps his or her feet protected from sliding tackles. The type of soccer cleats is dependent on the position of the player. For example, Predator cleatsby Adidas are for midfielders and forwards.

Soccer Ball

Seems obvious but how can someone play soccer without a soccer ball. Even if you’ve joined a sports academy or training center, you must have a soccer ball to kick around. As you’ll be playing or just mucking around with the ball, it will enhance your skills as a player. All you have to make sure is of the fact that you’re buying the ball of the right size and the right material.


Soccer is a physical sport and you must buy shinguardsto protect your legs from injuries. Your feet will be well protected with the help of cleats but your legs need protection from hefty challenges. Playing without shinguards can result in injuries, so it is suggested that you must buy and wear good quality shinguards before you step on the field.

Soccer jerseys

During a match or training session, players must wear proper soccer jerseys. These jerseys are very comfortable to wear and can wick away the moisture as players sweat a lot. Apart from that, soccer jerseys are important to identify the player as each player’s name and the number are written on the back.

Goalkeeper gloves

If you’re interested in starting your career as a goalkeeper, you must have at least two pairs of goalkeeper gloves. Good quality goalkeeper gloves are great at protecting your palms and fingers when the ball is coming at you at full speed. You can choose the gloves by checking the grip that they offer and how much padding they have. Just like any soccer equipment, gloves must be comfortable and well-fit to the player’s hand.

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