Best Bait to Catch Carp – Guaranteed


We all know that choice of bait is very subjective, but here I have a list of the Best Bait to Catch Carp – Guaranteed.
Although there are plenty of options when it comes to carp bait on the market, it continues to expand with better quality products; each offering improved success in your fishing endeavours.

So with my many years of experience, let’s look at my choices for the Best Bait to Catch carp.

Hemp Seeds

Carp love tiny freshwater snails. Liking snails is very handy as hemp seeds look similar to snails. This familiarity makes the fish very focused on the bait and piques their interest. The natural oils and amino acids released into the water from the hemp seeds are also attractive to the carp.
If you are planning to use other bait, such as boilies, using the hemp seeds first can stimulate the fish to enter a state of actively looking for food.


Boilies catch the most carp in the UK annually. This bait does have a few pros and cons, although the fishmeal scent is highly attractive to the carp. Still, frequently fished areas may have made the carp associate boilies with danger and avoid the bait.

Dehydrated boilies now contain very few additives but can be physically hard. It is best to soak them overnight before fishing to allow them to soften.
Frozen boilies are not restricted by needing to be rehydrated and can be used as soon as defrosted.

Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts can produce excellent results but will require preparation first. If you have the opportunity, cook the tiger nuts in Hemp oil for a doubly delicious carp treat. Tiger nuts contain sugars and oils which carp find irresistible. The jury is out, though, whether fermented or unfermented tiger nuts are the most productive. I suggest preparing both and working out for yourself which you feel works best for you. Be aware that the carp find tiger nuts difficult to digest, so use them sparingly.


The colour and taste make this an attractive bait for the carp, and the price makes it attractive for the angler. You can use this bait all year round safely because sweetcorn is easily digestible, unlike tiger nuts. Only use sweetcorn from a tin, not from the cob, as the tinned variety has the salts and sugars that make it attractive to the carp. The only problem with sweetcorn is that it attracts most freshwater fish species, so your carp may have unwanted company from other fish.


My years of carp fishing have made me conclude that successful carp fishing is mostly trial and error. Many people extol the virtues of other baits such as luncheon meat, worms, pellets, maggots and a whole gambit of other suggestions. If you are serious about angling for carp, I suggest you rule nothing out until you have tried it for yourself.



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