Aikido for Kids – Is It a Good Idea?


When it comes to martial arts, there are different reasons adults practice them, ranging from wanting to learn self-defence to a need for de-stressing and relaxation, and even for better fitness and health. Even if you tried to explain those concepts to a child, however, they might not see those as a priority, let alone understand them enough to wholeheartedly agree with their importance.

If you have a child who is truly interested in martial arts, you can suggest a few for them to choose from; if they already know what they want to learn, you can help them find a school to enrol in. But what if you can’t think of a discipline that seems right for them? Here’s why you should consider aikido.

Benefits of Aikido for Kids

You may be wondering what’s so special about aikido, and why it’s a great option for children to learn. What can they gain, and how can this particular discipline enrich their lives? 

First, aikido is a non-aggressive martial art. This is arguably the most important point because rather than teaching practitioners that kicking and punching their way out of a fight is the way to go, aikido helps them learn that aggression is the last resort. Instead of starting a fight, aikido can be used to end it. On top of that, aikido teaches practical self-defence, helping to better equip children to deal with often less physical conflicts like bullying and verbal abuse.

Second, this martial art focuses on the importance of calmness and relaxation – in other words, maintaining both physical and emotional balance, regardless of the situation. Staying calm isn’t something that all kids can easily do, but aikido can help them learn that they can choose to try and do so. This can help them sit still in class and focus better, when doing homework, or when otherwise dealing with something that calls for concentration and focus. This doesn’t mean that children will have to bottle their feelings inside; part of being able to maintain balance is learning effective means of communication, so children will still be able to express their emotions.  

Third, aikido can help children view the world in a positive light. There’s a time and place to take things seriously and act accordingly, of course, but with the help of aikido, kids learn that it’s possible to make something good, no matter what circumstances they’re in and no matter what material they’re given, so to speak. When you learn that each person has to actively look for ways to make the best of a situation, you eventually can’t help but start to see the silver lining. This will help ensure children are better equipped to deal with negative experiences in a healthy and constructive way.

Last, but not the least, aikido can be done by anyone. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or how young you are. There’s something for everyone in this martial art, and anyone can learn its principles and successfully apply them in everyday life. 

If the benefits above have convinced you, you may now be looking for places that offer aikido for kids in Sydney. Fortunately, you can visit this page to get started.

Jane Tudor

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