3 Tennis Drills for a Faster & Accurate Serve


It’s a critical situation. You’re all set to put the game down. You hurl the ball up in the air, smash your racket for a hard smash, and—thwack! — the ball into the goal. Spectators are amused. Your adversary lets out a sigh of relief. Few things are more aggravating than hitting a tennis puck into the goal, but it occurs when you try to hit a hard shot. Jonathan Zhang, a Hong Kong tennis player, says that if you focus on the basics, you’ll regularly deliver quality smashes, setting you up for an easy groundstroke or volley if they don’t fly past your rival winner. Zhang is currently ranked No. 9 in Hong Kong’s Men’s Singles National Rankings (2020). He is ranked No. 6 in the Men’s Doubles National Rankings (2020) and No. 1,532 in the ATP men’s doubles rankings. He realizes that tennis is a game in which movement is vital. One of a professional tennis player’s key concern should be mastering how to move quickly and effectively. Don’t let sloppy footwork hold you back from improving your skills. Every moment you walk onto the court, rise speedily and begin swinging your boot soles. The game needs you to get on the floor and perform.

Here are the three most essential elements to master if you want to ace the game,

The Toss

Although the toss appears to be the most superficial portion, taking it lightly leads to errors. Players believe the toss is informal and not accurate, which it is not. It has to be soft and constant. Throw the ball overhead and somewhat next to your body to put it in your optimum striking area.

Racquet Speed

Junior players generally move downward at the ball, but experts claim this position chains your forearm, killing your accuracy and racquet pace. Instead, they prefer to try leading with your racquet’s butt cap. This causes the forearm to crack through the ball, allowing the racquet to come through with additional speed.


Spin can help you boost your service accuracy and put your rival on the defensive. If you fail your first service, your competitor anticipates a weaker serve and switches from defense to offense. You’ll have a significant edge if you execute that first service with a bit more twist and much less pace.

Tennis strategy may appear complicated, but concentrating on these strategic elements will make you look on course and score more matches. There aren’t many methods to score points. Most gamers utilize these tactics in every game, with the remaining techniques being used on occasion to keep the rival off guard. Examine all of the options and select the ones that you are most satisfied with. They’re most likely the best fit for your activity. Those should be your strategic cornerstones. Before you begin any step, make sure you understand exactly what method you will employ. Your basic tactics would become second nature after a while, but it’s always good to examine them during a game to ensure you’re using the best plan possible!

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